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Rank Information!

Post  l0lcatz on Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:08 pm

Listed here are all the ranks that are on the server

1. Outsider
Default group and has minimal commands, such as /help and /rules. Cannot build or buy houses and stores.

2. Villager
Villager requires only a few minutes expirience on the server and gets basic commands such as /tell, /home, /sethome, etc. You will be able to buy properties and build outside of mine outside of town limits.

3. Employee
A villager who is hired by a shopkeeper is an employee. There are no additional commands, as it is just a title.

4. Shopkeeper
Shopkeepers spend fifty emeralds to buy a shop and sell goods. They can hire villagers to help them in their shops

5. Police
Police are people who have been on the server for at least two days and have mod commands, such as /kick and /spectate. They have to be shopkeepers before they become police.

6. Councilman
Councilman are people who have been on the server for five days. They have to be police before they become councilmen. They get admin commands, /ban, /gamemode, and /md.

7. Mayor
There are two mayors, sgt2525 and l0lcatz. They are server OP's and no one can get this position.


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